/Chameleon Mercedes E-Cabrio by Impressive Wrap

Chameleon Mercedes E-Cabrio by Impressive Wrap

Chameleon Mercedes E Cabrio 0 600x368 at Chameleon Mercedes E Cabrio by Impressive Wrap

The fascination with color-shifting chameleon wraps has become an epidemic now, stretching all the way from America to Hong Kong. This Mercedes E-Cabrio prepared by Impressive Wrap is one of the latest car to get the treatment and it looks kind of interesting.

Truth be told, Mercedes E-Cabrio is probably the last car anyone would want to wrap in this unique color. The thing is a classy and serious luxury cabriolet with too much dignity to wear a chameleon outfit. But the owner of this one has gone ahead and done it, and although the end result is not really a pretty thing, like we said it is rather interesting… if only for dichotomy between the prestige of the car and ridiculousness of the wrap.

Love it or hate it, there is no denying that the Chameleon Mercedes E-Cabrio is an attention grabber. And that is the whole point with wraps like this. It has very little to do with the make or class of the car. At the root of it all there is the need of the owner to be seen and talked about. It’s the same for this E-Cabrio owner in Hong Kong as it is for the high-profile owner of the chameleon McLaren P1 MK Edition.

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