/Epitome of Cool: RDBLA Ferrari 488 GTB

Epitome of Cool: RDBLA Ferrari 488 GTB

RDBLA Ferrari 488 GTB 0 600x334 at Epitome of Cool: RDBLA Ferrari 488 GTB

A few days ago we showed a slammed Ferrari 488 which looked kind of interesting, but wasn’t really all that classy if we’re honest. But if you like the idea and would like to have it in a more prestigious package, you should check this out. RDBLA Ferrari 488 GTB gives you the same slammed-ness but in terms of coolness it is like frozen nitrogen.

Wrapped in a magnificent matte grey vinyl and lowered on its stock wheels, RDBLA Ferrari 488 GTB refrains from shouting about what an amazing achievement it is. The owner has not prepared this car to show it off to others and advertise the fact that he’s running a tuned Ferrari. He’s prepared this car for his enjoyment, which is why instead of fitting silly body kits and ridiculous wings and fancy wheels, he’s gone for an ECU remap and a full FI exhaust system.

This is the sort of tuning we really like – adding more substance to the car while keeping the looks largely original. That said, we probably would have gone for a set of aftermarket wheels, preferably from ADV1 or HRE, with a sort of sober design and in some elegant paint finish like gunmetal. That would complement the cool looks of this GTB and make the whole thing even more desirable. But other than that, RDBLA Ferrari 488 GTB is pretty much perfect.

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