/Spotlight: Murdered-Out Bentley Flying Spur

Spotlight: Murdered-Out Bentley Flying Spur

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There is something very exciting about going against tide and not conforming with the ordinary – even if it’s just styling your car in the exact opposite fashion considered appropriate for it. That is why we like this fully blacked-out Bentley Flying Spur by Creative Designs. It looks like Daniel Craig, if he were Batman.

Sitting on a set of 24-inch Forgiato F2.15 wheels in a gloss black, this murdered Bentley Flying Spur will not sit well with the car maker’s traditional customer base. But the modern Bentley drivers – athletes, rappers, music producers – are going to absolutely love it. It is classy, luxurious, and yet at the same time beautifully mean and aggressive. Apart from the rims, the tuner has blacked-out the grilles, air intake, and even the badges on this car, and given the windows a Presidential tint.

Bentley Flying Spur in its latest iteration comes with a number of powertrain choices. You can either have a regular 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 engine with 500 bhp, a V8 S with 521 bhp, or the full fat, double chocolate chipped and cream whipped W12 S with 626 bhp. We have a feeling this bad boy here has the latter. After all, a car can’t look that mean and not have enough firepower to cash the checks its looks write.

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