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Vorsteiner Wheels Suit BMW M4 GTS

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There are a few things we don’t much like about the BMW M4 GTS. The fact that it marks you aside as a BMW M nerd aside, we are not huge fans of the car’s look-at-me aero parts, and we especially can’t stand the orange wheels it comes with. Luckily, the guys at Vorsteiner have the perfect solution.

And it comes in form of a set of 20″ VSE-101 wheels in gloss black. Now that’s the proper design and paint finish for the wheels of a high-performance, limited edition Bimmer. It’s a simple thing, but the right set of wheels has a huge and hugely positive effect on the overall appearance of the BMW M4 GTS. Just murder out those orange accents and replace the rear wing with something a little more suddle and you’re in business!

Performance-wise, BMW M4 GTS, which is by the way limited to 700 units, gets a tricked-out version of the regular M4’s straight-six turbo engine with water injection and a 500 horsepower output. This makes the M4 GTS the most agile, radical and dynamically potent model in the range. It races from a standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a mere 3.8 seconds and hits a limited top speed of 305 km/h (189.5 mph).

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