/McLaren 675LT Gets a Boost from Mcchip

McLaren 675LT Gets a Boost from Mcchip

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Honestly we don’t know why anyone would want to have their McLaren 675LT tuned, seeing as the thing is more than satisfactorily fast out of the box, but the guys at Mcchip-DKR have come up with a handy treatment that takes care of that job nicely. Through the magic of software and some exhaust trickery they give the noble Brit an extra an extra 76 horsepower and 81 Nm of torque. 

Now, you might be adding up the numbers in your headed and arriving at the nice and round 750 hp output for this tricked out McLaren 675LT. But I’m afraid that is not the case. You see, Mcchip first dyno’d the LongTail before they start devising the upgrade program for it, and the figures they arrived at were much lower than what the 675 in the car’s name first suggests. The real-world power outputs of the car were 636 horsepower and 629 Nm of torque.

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So that is probably why they decided to go ahead and give the engine a little boost. The program includes a chip tuning which is DKR’s specialty, and the installation of a set of downpipes from their Mcpipes brand with 200cpsi sportkats. With these mods on the 675LT becomes capable of delivering to its driver 711 horsepower and 724 Nm of torque, which are the sort of figures you can expect from the upcoming McLaren P14 which has a new 4.0 liter engine. 

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