/Kama Sutra-Themed Fiat 500 by Garage Italia Customs

Kama Sutra-Themed Fiat 500 by Garage Italia Customs

fiat 500 kama sutraa 600x335 at Kama Sutra Themed Fiat 500 by Garage Italia Customs

The eccentric tuner Garage Italia Customs and its properly ubatz head Lapo Elkann are known for their unusual, often weird, but always cool designs. They have really taken the whole wrap game to a new level, and now they make more intimate, literally, with this Kama Sutra-themed Fiat 500. 

There are more than a few thing capable of arousing your interest about the Kama Sutra-themed Fiat 500. First of all, no one had ever thought of putting scenes from a sex book on the outside of their car before guys at GIC, so it’ pretty damn unique in that sense. What’s more, while they have been explicit in their depiction of the positions from said book on the design, they have taken care to conceal the NSFW parts… at least to some extent.

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You see, the Kama Sutra wrap on this Fiat 500 features some celver stuff in form of special heat-sensitive thermochromic varnish. Those are the CENSORED bits you see in the picture above. And as you may have already guessed, as the heat rises this stuff becomes transparent and you get to see what’s underneath, which is not very savory truth be told. You definitely wouldn’t to be seen in pubic with the picture of an Indian man’s private part on your car door.

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