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Things you didn’t know about SUVs

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SUVs have always had an important place in the market. As much as we hate to agree, we’d chose an SUV over any other Sports car. There is a variety of sizes from a smaller one to a large one. The high ground clearance makes it sit higher than the other cars in the market, but you accelerate into that gentle night. It’s suggested not to test a SUVs highest speed limit.

Though we have exceptions like Range Rover and Bentley, which are designed to speed. These are one of the most desired cars and you can also buy used SUVs. There are so many online sites which make deals on used cars. Are you in Colorado? Want to look out for used SUV in Pueblo CO? Here are a few things you must know before you decide on buying a SUV.

SUVs take longer distance to stop

These are heavy weight vehicles and to maintain the momentum at a higher speed is a tough task. The breaks need to work a little more to maintain the momentum and hence needs a little longer to stop. It’s a tough task top bring a SUV at a sudden halt, precisely why you are suggested to drive slowly in traffic or in highways.

They aren’t your everywhere Cars

You might not know this but SUVs are not your everywhere cars. They are called sports utility vehicles but aren’t designed for terrains. There are so many factors like 4X4, locks, approach angles and tyres that decide the competence of an SUV. SUVs might seem to have a similar body style but differ in competence and hence make sure your SUV can go the distance before taking it to different terrains.

SUVs ought to be comfortable

The most importance motive behind a SUV is comfort. They are equipped with high seating posture and longer travel suspension which makes it an ideal travel car. People with big families tend to be inclined towards SUVs.

Takes time to change direction

There is thing with SUV, the thing that makes it special like its size and structure also stops it from being able to change directions easily. The centre of gravity is at a higher position due to a taller design which makes it a slow handler. Trying to change lanes or directions in a higher speed might lead to loss of control and it’s highly advisable to be very careful with a SUV in narrow lanes or city traffic.

Dual Clutch

Yeah you heard me right. SUVs have a dual clutch automatic transmission which offers a smooth transition while gear changes. This make it comfortable and fun ti drive. The DCAT is an expensive technology and not a lot of cars use it.

I’m sure you didn’t know about these factors and might have a complete new outlook on SUVs. You can still go off-roading in your SUV, just make sure that it’s designed according to your choice of terrain.’

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