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How to Raise Enough Money for a Sports Car

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Before we delve into the subject of this post which is how to raise enough money so you can get the sports car of your dreams, we have to point out this article is not intended as a definitive guise. These are some unorthodox ways for the petrolheads who are burning to get behind the wheel that fast, sexy car they’ve had their eyes on for years. The best way of going about buying your favorite car is years of hard work and saving. But, try these methods at your own risk. Who knows, maybe they work!


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Play the Stock Market

Let’s be honest, this is also gambling dressed in an official suit. The same rules apply here. Don’t get greedy. Know that you are not here to make a career out of stocks. Just deal enough times to raise the money you need for the car and then quit. The hard-core pros of the stock market don’t really have a life as such because all they care about are numbers. That becomes their whole life. That is not the petrolhead way. If you set yourself the goal of making a certain amount of money so you can get a certain car you won’t fall into the vortex and you won’t become a wolf. Interestingly, those who enter this market with a set goal like only buying stocks under 10 dollars often do better because they make fewer wrong decisions. They don’t want it all, and that is the key.

Wheeling and Dealing

Alright, so this is more a step by step way of getting to the car of your dreams. But it’s a surefire way. And it’s about dealing cars, so for a petrolhead it is not really work, it’s fun. What you need to so here is buy low and sell high. And do that enough times until your capital is big enough for that flashy sports car you desire. You start small, buying cheap cars and doing them all, learning the tricks of the trade along the way, and move up to bigger and more expensive stuff. The key here is to add value to your purchase so that you can shift it for a higher price. You need excellent mechanical as well negotiation skills for this. Don’t despair if you lost money on a deal. As long as you make up on the next one you’ll be fine at the end of the day.

Get a Loan

This is only advisable for those petrolheads with a permanent job and fixed salary. You are going to be paying monthly installments for the foreseeable future. So don’t go anywhere near it if you are the free spirited type who can hold a 9 to 5 job. And that’s the problem really with this method. A true sports car lover wants to be out on the open road all the time. He can’t be pinned down. This works best for the petrolhead who has given his dream life and is now content with pretending he’s living free on the way to work by getting a drop top sports car with a loud exhaust. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you know of more quick ways suitable for a petrolhead to raise enough cash for a sports car share them in the comments section.

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