/Car Makers April Fools’ Jokes Compilation

Car Makers April Fools’ Jokes Compilation

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While we do submit that the Western culture is a superior one on account its accomplishments through the ages, we have to say some of its traditions are quite nonsensical – Halloween, for example, or April Fools’ day. But hey, it’s all for good fun, so let’s not get too grumpy about them. Let us instead check out this year’s best car-related April Fools’ jokes…

And let’s stat with Tesla and its billionaire owner Elon Musk who is getting more and more playful as he gets older. Musk decided to pole fun at the rumors that his company is losing money hand over first by faking bankruptcy. Apparently Tesla has filed for “all chapters” of bankruptcy, including chapter fourteen and a half, which is the worst one.

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Porsche, meanwhile, proved once again that Ze Germans have no sense of humor. Their April Fools’ joke is a rendering of a Mission-E tractor. Ha? Das ist ein Porsche tractor. Zis is hilarious! They could have put a little bit more effort into it. Honda did.

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Yes, Honda actually got a little bit carried away. They decapitated a CR-V crossover and created a “no-top” version instead of a drop-top. The thing is, what they ended up with actually looks pretty awesome. I mean, topless SUVs are never nice to look at, but this one isn’t half bad. They should think about making it.

Hyundai was another company who did good this year. We don’t mean their joke is awfully funny, but they did put a lot of effort into it. They devised a “cacao corner” on a race track so that they can analyze the i30N’s tire tracks… Yeah, like we said it’s not a very imaginative joke. But kudos nonetheless.

Aston Martin, like Porsche, decided a rendering of something silly is all they are willing to share this year. They didn’t even spend too much time thinking of something funny. I mean, an Aston monster truck? Come on…

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Brits didn’t do well across the board, actually. Below you will find McLaren’s April Fools’ joke, which is more like a documentary frankly, and quite boring…

And here’s SEAT’s contribution, the Arona copper edition which is “penny powered.” Get it?

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