/Alternative Bond Cars and Their Effect on 007’s Character

Alternative Bond Cars and Their Effect on 007’s Character

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As you are well aware, Aston Martin has been the car of choice for the not-so-secret agent, James Bond 007. In fact, some go as far saying that Bond’s relationship with his Astons are a lot healthier than his relationship with the women in his life. But these days 007 is undergoing drastic changes, and it got us thinking what if they also decide to change the Bond cars? What would be the alternative and what sort effect that alternative would have on the character?

Now, I don’t think it is a stretch to say that James Bond is becoming more and more politically correct. There are talks that he should be played by a man of color, which is great, and some have even pondered the possibility of a female Bond, Jenna Bond, which I suppose is better than a gender-neutral Bond. So in the next movie there probably won’t be romantic liaison for poor old Bond before he has gotten a full consent, preferably in writing form the love interest, no ethnic characters are going to cast as baddies, he will probably play at a online casino with eurogrand rather than a real one in Monte Carlo, and as for his car, well, obviously, it has to be electric or at the very least hybrid.

Mercifully, there are some nice electric and hybrid cars that would fit the character of the 21st century Bond without making him look like an IT professional with license to hack. Aston Martin themselves have the Rapid-E electric sedan which, although a bit too family-oriented, is still exotic enough to work as at least one of Bond cars. Then there is the BMW i8 whose looks fits the bill perfectly for a 007 adventure, but it we’re honest it works better as a baddie car. There is also the Honda/Acura NSX hybrid which is a cool car, but has a bit of an brand image issue. I suppose the NSX would work as a retirement car for Bond. What about Tesla Model S, though? Now this is an interesting one. This one looks cool, goes like hell, and is almost as PC as the new Bond himself!

Of course, other characters will have to be updated accordingly, with Miss Moneypenny getting probably a Nissan Leaf, Q running around his lab in a little BMW i3, and M being chauffeured around in a PHEV Range Rover. Hmm, such a Bond movie will probably be catastrophically boring to watch, but at least it’ll have a very small carbon footprint.

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