/Ways of Making Motor Racing More Engaging

Ways of Making Motor Racing More Engaging

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In recent years the number of people who watch motorsport has taken a sharp dive. Some attribute that to the increasingly tighter safety regulations put in place by the FIA. And while that is a big part of it, there is nothing that can be done about it. Safety matters, and we should do everything we can to improve and enhance it – even if it means you take away from how exciting the sport is. We reckon we need to look at some alternative ways to make motor racing more interesting and engaging for the masses. 

Some say that racing is the sport of the elite and that is why it doesn’t appeal to everybody. That is not quite true. Equestrian sports are just as, if not more, expensive to take part in as motorsport. But the organizers of that field realized long ago that they can popularize that sport, as evidenced aquí, through the introduction of betting. A similar scheme could very well work for motorsport. We know, there is already going on activities of that nature – some legal, some not. But there is a lot of room for expansion here. People would flock to the race track to try their luck on cars, as they do with horses. They also bet by going trusted sites only like slot online.

Besides that, one could see that car racing could be more engaging for the audience if FIA introduced a new point system. It might sound impractical, but a lot of people have maintained for a long time that drivers should be scored based on overtaking. Think about it. If F1 drivers were awarded championship point, or bonus points, based on how many cars they overtake throughout a race, a lot of the issues that make that particular kind of motorsport bland would have been resolved. It would eliminate the meddling by team principals and strategists, who are more often than not extremely conservative and risk-averse. And obviously, that battle for title of overtaking champion would be an awesome spectacle to watch while fans vote for their favorites on ufabet casino.

Auto racing could also benefit from more diversity. We don’t mean driver diversity, but the autos themselves. Many a petrolhead frowned when the new Formula E for electric race cars was introduced. But the series has proven itself to be on the par with other kinds of motorsport – no more boring and no less exciting. What’s more, the new challenges that different kinds of racing bring about – such as how they pit, etc., – could go a long way to bolster audience engagement. We should have racing series for vans, family estates, caravans even!

These are some of the ways we can think of to make car racing more entertaining. Let us know in the comments what solutions come to your mind…

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