/7 Must-Have Tips for Choosing the Best Car Battery

7 Must-Have Tips for Choosing the Best Car Battery

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Is it time to change the battery in your vehicle? Not sure how to choose the right one? Read our guide on how to pick the best car battery for your needs.

One of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining the well-being of a car is replacing the car battery.

And just as you want the best parts for your car, you also want the best car battery.

But how do you choose the best car battery? If you choose the right car battery it will ensure the prolonged life of your car.

Read this guide on how to understand what makes a great car battery and how to decide which one is right for your car.

Choosing the Best Car Battery

How do you choose your car battery? Do not be in haste.

Use our 7 tips below to understand the features of a car battery so that you can decide which is the best car battery for your needs.

  1. Watch Your Battery

Before you have to replace your car battery, you need to be aware of its life. Make sure that you pay attention to your car battery’s life so you know when it has to be replaced.

Depending on your car’s model you may get a notification of when you should start looking for a new battery. If not, you should ask your mechanic to inspect your battery and ask them for a timeframe as to when you should purchase a new battery.

Just be sure that you do your due diligence in checking on how your battery is faring and when it is on its last legs. We also suggest reading this guide on replacing your battery at the right time. To learn more check this article about the best car battery brands.

  1. Frequent Battery Testing

You also need to frequently test your car’s battery. Make sure you research your car battery’s lifetime beforehand. On average, a car battery is intended to last between three to five years.

Car batteries for modern cars usually do not require as much maintenance as an older car battery. However, we suggest visiting your mechanic at least once per year so that they can inspect the car battery.

As we mentioned in the previous point, the mechanic can let you know when to replace the battery. They can also notice any possible issues with the battery and fix it for you.

Be sure to always have a professional’s eye on your car battery. This is the only way to make sure your car runs well. Your approach to your battery’s maintenance and life needs to be the same as filling your gas tank when gas is low.

  1. A Battery for Your Car’s Needs

There is no battery that has a one size fits all configuration. Different batteries are needed for your car’s needs.

You can always replace your current battery with a new one that is exactly the same model and specifications, but it is still possible that you may not receive the same results.

There are of course different brands of a car battery and you will have to do your research on which ones are highly regarded.

You also need to about the features of different car batteries. For example, flooded batteries – in contrast with AGM batteries – are known to have much greater longevity if your car is in a hot climate.

Again, we suggest speaking to your mechanic on what is the best car battery for your car’s needs.

  1. A Fresh Battery

Your car battery has to be fresh. This firstly means that you have to buy a new car battery every single time.

Although, even a new car battery may not necessarily be fresh. When car batteries are kept in storage they slowly begin to lose their power.

You want to purchase a car battery that is younger than six months old. Always ask the supplier for the age of the car battery so that you can make sure you always get a fresh one.

We also suggest recycling your old battery. If you hand in your old battery when purchasing your new one, you may even receive a discount on your new one!

  1. Watch Your Warranty

Even with a reliable and trusted name-brand car battery, things can go wrong. If you do end up with a bad or faulty battery, you want to make sure you can get it replaced without any issues.

Choose a battery that has a warranty with a long free-replacement period. This means that you have leeway as to how long you can take to replace the battery without incurring any additional costs.

It may cost you extra to purchase a battery with a good warranty but we think it is worth the price.

Also, be aware of your end of the bargain when it comes to a warranty. If you cause damage to the car battery or if it is not maintained well, it may cause your warranty to be voided.

  1. The Right Fit

There are different sizes of car batteries and you need the right fit for your car.

The sizes work for different models of cars.

For example, the Size 24/24F models are often found in Acura, Honda, and Infiniti cars among others.

The larger Size 47 (H5) is suited for Buick, Chevrolet, Fiat, and Volkswagen cars.

Look up which size is usually used for the model of your car. Again, before you settle on your battery size you should always consult your mechanic to see what they suggest is the best battery fit for your car.

  1. Battery Types

We briefly alluded to this in Tip #3. There are many different battery types but in general, your battery will either be AGM or Lead-Acid.

AGM is becoming the standard battery in modern cars as they can stand frequent draining. They also can recharge more frequently than regular batteries. They can also maintain power for many of the car’s features that require additional power: such as USB ports, power outlets, etc.

These batteries do cost a lot more than Lead-Acid.

Lead-Acid consume less liquid than other batteries. These are cheaper but do not last as long and do not hold a charge for long. If you drive less frequently, you may want to consider the Lead-Acid for your car’s battery.

Start The Car!

Now that you know how to choose the best car battery for your car, it is time to get the new battery and start the car!

Be sure to read more on cars and how to maintain your motor!

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