Richard Hammond’s Crash Course Looks Fun: Trailer

crash course at Richard Hammonds Crash Course Looks Fun: Trailer

As we told you a few days ago Richard Hammond has got his own show in America called the Crash Course. Now BBC America released the first trailer for the show, and well, it seems the Hamster has put all the experience he gained blowing up stuff for Top Gear into good use to destroy America! He drives massive military and construction vehicles across the U.S. taking up challenges to see if he’s mastered the car.

There will be some tanks, some bulldozers, a .50 Cal machine gun and a couple of trucks. As I said, a lot of fun.

From completing fitness training with a US Army “Top Tank” crew to shimmying up a tree, despite his fear of heights, while working with the Luoto family for their Oregon logging company – there is no cutting corners on the work sites. Hammond does find time, however, to make some machine-powered high-jinx of mammoth proportions. For instance, while tree harvesting, Richard fashions his own game of darts using the monster-sized Dangle Head Processor to catapult 5,000 lb log-darts into a bullseye on the side of one of his least favorite vehicles – the mini-van.

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