Lamborghini To Celebrate 50th Anniversary With A One-Off

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 7:25 by

Lamborghini Aventador lp at Lamborghini To Celebrate 50th Anniversary With A One Off

Next year Lamborghini will turn 50. That is obviously something to celebrate; half a century of making supercars is a helluva thing. So they are going to celebrate it, and they’re going to celebrate it good! How? That’s easy… with a super special one-off model.

Lambo boss Stephan Winkelmann has already greenlighted the project, and asked his designers to come up with something completely new. He doesn’t want a retro car, or a revived old model. He wants something forward-looking.

Apart from that, Lamborghini dealerships each will have their own little parties to make the event. A few special editions based on the existing models are also likely.

Lamborghini is in its best financial shape ever these days thanks to booming business and increasing demand for exotic cars all around the world. They have enough cash to make a one-off celebratory model and then just forget about it.

via Automotivenews

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