DAMD Toyota GT86 with Lexus LFA Look

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DAMD Toyota GT86 1 545x363 at DAMD Toyota GT86 with Lexus LFA Look

As expected millions and millions of different styling kits are appearing in the aftermarket scene for the Toyota GT86. Some of these kits stand out because they are unique in one way or another, and this right here is quite unique. Meet DAMD GT86 with Lexus LFA styling!

Now, it is not cool to convert a cheap car to look like an expensive car, but DAMD has done such an impeccable job here that you can’t be mad at them. They’ve replicated every detail of the LFA to fit on the GT86.

DAMD Toyota GT86 2 545x363 at DAMD Toyota GT86 with Lexus LFA Look

You get the exact front bumper as the Lexus with fog lights and everything, even the special intake beneath the hood, side skirts, and rear bumper. They couldn’t do anything about the taillights, however, but that’s OK.

This must have been an expensive kit to design and build. We’d rather spent that money on the 86′s performance, making it even more fun to drive.

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DAMD Toyota GT86 with Lexus LFA Look, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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