Hennessey Developing Twin-Turbo Ferrari 458

Hennessey Ferrari 458 545x304 at Hennessey Developing Twin Turbo Ferrari 458

Hennessey Performance, who is know established itself as a super car maker and holder of an official world record, is expanding its tuning business and branching out to German and now even Italian cars. Having the mindset of a muscle car tuner, Hennessey is planning to give the Ferrari 458’s V8 engine a serious boost in power.

For that they are developing a twin-turbo system. The kit is still in development and we have no details about the performance figures, but given the previous twin-turbo 458s we’ve seen, we won’t be at all surprised if Hennessey’s Fezza turn out to be a 1000-hp car.

This video of the car on dyno serves as a good teaser for the upcoming package:

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