Rendering: Beetle-inspired Bugatti Veyron

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Funny though it may sound, but Bugatti Veyron and Volkswagen Beetle are actually brothers. OK, so they are not related by blood, ever since VW adopted Bugatti and made the Veyron, they became related. This irrelevant fact gave an auto designer the idea to render the Veyron as a Beetle!

This is apparently what the love child of Beetle and Veyron would look like. Mind you, it’s the 1954 Beetle we’re talking about, hence the classic wheels, lights and metalwork on the car you see above.

Granted, this rendering doesn’t really have a point other than fun, but we have to say the designer has done a great job here. The attention to details is astonishing. The windscreen, side windows and the bonnet, they look like they belong to the Veyron. And the fenders, they are just exquisite. Maybe it was better for the Veyron to look like this.


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