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SEAT Leon CUPRA Takes on Six Siberian Huskies!


Taking a leaf out of the old Top Gear’s book, SEAT has come up with a new promo film for the SEAT Leon CUPRA in which the high-performance hot hatch takes on one of the fastest dog breeds of them all: Siberian Huskies. Don’t worry, the car is not racing the poor animal head to head. […]

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New SEAT Ibiza – Details and Pictures

New SEAT Ibiza-0

In preparation for a world debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the new SEAT Ibiza has now done its online premiere. Going on sale in summer as a 2018 model, the small hatchback is improved significantly in every area you can think of, which is why SEAT claims it is their best Ibiza yet.

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Official: 2017 SEAT Leon CUPRA 300

SEAT Leon CUPRA 300-1

Spanish car maker SEAT is releasing the most powerful thing ever to come out of that country since the time of the Conquistadors. It’s a hot hatch called SEAT Leon CUPRA 300 and, as the name suggests, it packs 300 horsepower from a 2.0 TSI engine. Mind you, it’s only 10 hp more impressive than […]

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2017 SEAT Leon Unveiled with Mild Upgrades

2017 SEAT Leon-0

The family hatchback segment is full of dull and boring choices, each of which apparently purposefully designed to suck the last bits of livelihood out of the family man. But in this sea of dullness you sometimes come across a car that, while still boring underneath, at least looks kind of evocative and exciting. The […]

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SEAT Leon ST FR by DF Automotive


If you always fancy a high-performance estate car but cannot afford something like an RS6 Avant or a C63 AMG Estate, help is at hand from German tuner DF Automotive. What they have done is chip a SEAT Leon ST FR to the performance level of Golf GTI, so you can have some wagon fun on […]

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SEAT Ateca Undergoes Extreme Testing

SEAT Ateca Test-0

Not that anybody really expects an affordable crossover like SEAT Ateca to be the last world in off-road capabilities or harsh weather tolerance, but the Spanish car maker nevertheless has sent the poor car on a grueling 25,000-kilometre desert test. And naturally they now want to tell you about how well the Ateca is doing […]

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Official: SEAT Ateca X-Perience

SEAT Ateca X-Perience-0

There is no way a car can compete in today’s market without offering the spoiled customers a full host of different variants, editions and packages. So only a short time after the debut of the stock model we now get the SEAT Ateca X-Perience from the Spanish car maker, an edition that puts the emphasis […]

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More and more car makers are getting into the Fashion game these days, even low-level econo-builders like Spanish manufacturer SEAT. The car they have come up with to get themselves a foothold in this trade is called SEAT Mii by COSMOPOLITAN, created in partnership with the magazine’s global creative team, regional editors and readers across […]

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SEAT Ibiza CUPRA UK Pricing Announced


If you are in the market for a proper little hot hatch, just hold on for a minute and read this. This article is about the new SEAT Ibiza CUPRA and how at £18,100 it represents extremely good value for money. On paper at least, this thing looks like an excellent buy.

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SEAT Ateca Rendered in Cupra Guise

Seat Ateca Cupra

In an effort to see what the sporty version of the new SEAT Ateca SUV, revealed only a few days ago, will look like, designer X-Tomi has penned this Cupra version. The car maker has not confirmed yet they are going to make a Cupra Ateca, but if they do, chances are it’ll look pretty […]

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SEAT Ateca SUV Officially Unveiled

SEAT Ateca-0

So after years of indecision, research, and trial and error, Spanish car maker SEAT finally unveiled their first production SUV last night in Barcelona. The 2017 SEAT Ateca SUV is a new take on the firm’s emotional design language in a larger than usual scale. And it looks good.

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IAA Preview: SEAT Leon Cross Sport

SEAT Leon Cross Sport-1

The Spanish are not exactly economic with words, but when they wanted to announced the launch of a new crossover concept at the IAA 2015, SEAT thought one sentence would do! To they go: This is SEAT Leon Cross Sport, it’s dynamic, and aimed at young spirited customers.

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Official: SEAT Leon CUPRA 290

SEAT Leon CUPRA 290-1

Following the launch of the new Ibiza Cupra, Spanish automaker SEAT now announced the arrival of a spicier model. The 2016 SEAT Leon CUPRA 290 hot hatch comes with sharp styling, loads of power, and advanced technologies promising to make a great driver’s car.

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Official: 2016 SEAT Ibiza Cupra

SEAT Ibiza Cupra-0

Spanish car maker SEAT took the wraps off a new version of their practical and affordable hot hatch, the SEAT Ibiza Cupra. Pitched as “the perfect hot hatch for everyday use,” the new Ibiza Cupra benefits from increased power and lowered fuel consumption.

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SEAT Leon ST Cupra Named Nürburgring’s Fastest Estate


This past few SEAT has developed quite an obsession with the Nürburgring and fastest lap times records. After securing the title of the fastest front-wheel-drive car around the Nürburgring, they have now set the record for the fastest estate car as well with the new SEAT Leon ST Cupra 280.

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