/2009 Honda Jazz Launched in Dubai – In a hotel!

2009 Honda Jazz Launched in Dubai – In a hotel!

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Honda launched the newest version of its successful city car, The Jazz in Jumeirah Beach Hotel,Dubai. Car launch events in UAE usually take place in malls, but this time hotel sounded like a better option!. Anyway, the car… If you are familiar with the previous gen, you won’t be surprised by the updates on new model,  but no matter, as the old one is one good city car which does what it’s supposed to do nicely. But the competition in this segment has never been so high, so life won’t be as easy for the new Jazz  like it was for its predecessor which actually sold over 2 million units.

Details below in Honda’s press:

This first generation Jazz was first introduced in 2001 and is now produced in 6 factories in 5 countries. The previous generation Jazz sold more than 2 million units across 115 countries highlights the popularity of Jazz across the world and amongst a spectrum of customers.

Honda rarely carries the same concept for any next generation car. However, the first generation was so successful; it was a big challenge to improve on it. Thus the second generation Jazz inherited the DNA from its extremely successful first generation and has evolved into another masterpiece improving on elements based on global customer feedback.

The second generation Jazz was also developed following the tradition of Honda’s man maximum, machine minimum concept with the goal of setting a benchmark in the highly competitive segment. In addition to that, packaging, utility and driving performance have been further advanced on the New Jazz to provide an answer to all the requirements of everyday life including the sudden and unexpected.

Honda’s man maximum, machine minimum concept is a basic approach to car design that calls for maximising space available for humans by minimising the space occupied by the machine.

Exterior Styling

The exterior styling is intended express both spaciousness and dynamic motion, with front pillars moved forward for an advanced, super-forward form. The fuel lid dovetails seamlessly with the monoform styling thanks to Honda’s first application of a push lift opener. The door mirrors provide greater visibility with 30% more surface area supported by a compact mount located at the base of the front quarter light. The muscular wheel arches and larger wheels on all models 15 inch steel wheels on LX and 16 inch on EX with 5 spoke alloys also augment exterior aesthetics in line with customers requirements in this region. New Jazz comes in 11 different colours which ensure customer satisfaction and choice.


The packaging of the New Jazz is based on Honda’s innovative centre tank layout. The overall length has been increased 55mm to 3900mm and the width 20mm to 1695mm. This is why the New Jazz has grown in size inside out yet still has the same turning circle. With a longer wheelbase, wider track for enhanced interior space and practicality, combined with a small car manoeuvrability of a 4.9 meter minimum turning radius. The front pillar has been further moved forward to create spacious interior, while exterior styling is enhanced with a reassuring face with large headlamps that curve along the car’s flanks, an upward curving bumper and a sporty honeycomb grille. An ingenious interior layout helped create a comfortable cabin with space equivalent to a mid sized sedan or even a small minivan.

The rear hatch opening is located 605 mm from the ground, making it easy to load and unload luggage. The rear doors also open to a wide 80 degrees angle, providing even easier access for passengers and facilitating loading and unloading of luggage.


The cabin features an ingenious layout with equivalent space as one of Honda’s middle-class sedans, providing passengers a natural feeling of comfort. The large three-meter cluster provides superior visibility with permanent illumination. The speedometer, located in the centre of the cluster, features a large LED display providing of a broad range of information, including current fuel economy and range indications.

To ensure a comfortable driving position for all drivers, a tilt and telescopic steering column as well as a ratchet-operated seat height adjuster have been applied.

The front quarter windows are three times (Honda calculation) of the size of those in the previous model, and the width of the front pillar has been reduced by 20 mm to provide enhanced visibility. A new Panoramic Sunroof (option on EX) provides even more sense of space and comfort in the cabin to ensure more freedom and stronger connection with the environment around you. The power sun shield can be opened and closed with the touch of a switch for a comfortable cabin all year round.

The front seat is based on the seat frame of a midsized sedan and fitted with springs and padding optimized for seat hold and ride comfort. The rear seats are 20 mm wider, 15 mm deeper, and have cushions 10 mm thicker for enhanced ride comfort. The left and right headrests fit into the seat back for easy seat arrangement and 30% better rearward visibilities.

Stylishly integrated into the fascia, the single CD/Radio fitted to all models offers MP3/WMA playback capability and speed dependent volume adjustment. The four speakers are supplemented with a pair of tweeters and USB adaptor located in the centre console storage box.

Utility with Magic Seats

The New Jazz is equipped with the latest Magic Seats operate on the same principle; they are even more convenient since they have a one motion, dive down operation. No longer is there a need to move the front seats forward to collapse the rear seats. The headrests are virtually flush with the seatback.

Utility mode: Easy one motion dive down function and release operation of the rear seats. The luggage space can be extended to a maximum length of 1,720 mm thanks to the spacious full-flat floor.

Long mode: Place the passenger seat in the full reclining position to create a space up to 2,400 mm long to carry long objects.
Tall mode: Fold up the rear seat cushions to take advantage of Jazz’s 1,280 mm roof height – the perfect way to make space for tall items like house plants.

The Jazz interior is full of practical utility, starting with 10 cup-holders and a wide range of easy-to-use storage spaces. The glove box is also with an AC vent to keep beverages cool in the hot and humid GCC region reflecting Honda’s attention to detail.

Engine Performance:

The New Jazz’s dynamic performance is made possible by the new 1.5L i-VTEC engine that delivers 118 hp @ 6600 rpm. Combined with a 5 Speed Automatic transmission (5AT) and a newly developed torque converter Jazz also delivers 14.8 kg-m torque @4800 rpm.

New Jazz will be the first car in its class in this to be equipped with 5AT which ensures smooth and powerful start performance and higher fuel efficiency. In addition to that Dual – mode Paddle Shifter System enhances ‘fun to drive’ characteristics and thus more attractive for young customers.


Body construction and design have been ingeniously modified to improve body rigidity and crash safety performance even while maintaining the same weight as the previous model. Noise and vibration during idling as well as booming noise while cruising are quieter than ever thanks to highly efficient connections of structural members and enhanced body stiffness.

The implementation of sound-absorbing acoustic materials in the roof, carpet, and dashboard insulation contribute both to greater quietness and to lower weight.


The newly designed chassis realizes both superior ride comfort and steady handling. The rigid body and supple suspension provide an exceptional dynamic performance. The new Jazz features a McPherson strut front suspension. The H-shaped torsion beam rear suspension achieves the maximum possible space for the rear seats and cargo area as well as supple ride comfort and steady handling. In addition to that, overall stability and grip benefit from a longer wheelbase, wider track and larger wheels, but there has also been a number of changes to the geometry and structure of the Mc Pherson strut and rear torsion beam suspension. These include revised bushes, caster angle and trail at the front and a different torsion beam cross section and longer trailing arms at the rear.

Improved feedback and stability characterise the substantially revised electric power steering which builds on the sense of driving enjoyment achieved by improvements in other areas of the chassis.

Safety Performance

Even more efficient safety performance results from the introduction of the ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) body structure, a concept that is progressively rolled out across the Honda range. It provides multiple energy absorbing pathways to disperse impact energy and prevent cabin deformation.

Standard on all models are dual front airbags and three point seatbelts in all 5 seating positions. Front seats are also fitted with active headrests to minimize the potential for whiplash injuries. All Jazz models are equipped with ABS and Electronic Brake force Distribution system as standard equipment.
In addition to an ISO FIX child seat bar, tether anchors are provided in both the left and right rear seats as standard equipment.

New Jazz, like all Honda models has been subject to the manufacturer’s rigorous car-to-car crash testing in the R&D center at Tochigi. These crash tests which are conducted to enhance real world crash safety are done using a number of different models with different sizes and weights.

Greater Fuel Economy

New, more powerful engine is more capable of outstanding economy. Their balance between economy and fun to drive performance are unmatched in its class. Adopting Honda’s 1.5L i-VTEC four cylinder engines are connected to 5 Speed Automatic transmission which helps improve fuel efficiency of Jazz.

Overall, this world car is expected to ‘Jazz up the Future’ for many Honda customers with its subtle changes coupled with Jazz’s award winning principles. Honda believes this new Jazz raises the bar of the overall hatchback segment once again.

The All New Jazz will be available in two trim levels – the well equipped LX, and the upscale EX which gives customers an option to choose panoramic sunroof, 16′ Alloy Wheels, Cruise Control, Leather steering with audio and cruise control buttons, and paddle shift for sporty performance to fully enjoy the New Jazz. Detailed specifications for both LX and EX are attached for reference.

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