/Flying car – Is it for real?

Flying car – Is it for real?

What you see in this footage is claimed to be the first functional flying car. Although with this shape and those Mini-Guns on sides, it more looks like a helicopter gunship! Actually it is inspired by choppers as it’s developer Rafi Yoeli, who is an ex-employee of Boeing, explains.

It is codenamed XHAWK (sounds like a fiction movie!), and is under development in Israel ( now you can make sure it is a military vehicle !!) . it takes off vertically and has a top speed of 250 Kph. It uses sensors like helicopters to keep it safe in sky, avoiding collision with other flying things and high voltage lines.

If they ever gonna make it, it’ll cost 1.5 million euro a piece. But such advanced vehicle being in public use is a far far dream, It’s more likely to be used for intelligence, military or law enforcement purposes. Whatever, it’s a really cool technology, definitely the next level in transportation which eventually replaces the current system.

source : carsandtuning.org

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