/Shelby Super Cars developing EV based on Ultimate Aero

Shelby Super Cars developing EV based on Ultimate Aero

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Shelby Super Cars (SSC) maker of the Ultimate Aero supercar which is officially the fastest car in the world, has come up with a futuristic plan in form of a revolutionary all-electric powertrain. The first car to host this technology is their own Aero model but they say it is a flexible technology which can be implemented into a wide range of cars. Like all the other EV manufacturers what SSC claims about their plan is stunning! Recharge only takes 10 minute and it’s good for a range 200 miles and of course this being SSC the power figure must be very good too. But we have to say until it comes out and then judge it although great numbers on paper never really worked in real world!

AESP, acronym for All-Electric Scalable Powertrain, is SSC’s unique electric powertrain package which, besides being compact and lightweight, also comes with scalable horsepower, brief recharge time capabilities, and liquid cooling. The Nanotechnology Rechargeable Lithium Batter pack of SSC can be charged in just 10 minutes on a standard 110V outlet and enables the vehicle to reach a range of 150-200 miles between charges.

This is a wiser alternative to EVs that require overnight recharging and a more practical alternative to internal combustion engined cars. The main feature in the AESP is its power scaling capabilities. For economy and mid-sized cars it is scalable to 200hp, for light trucks and SUV, 500 hp, and for heavy-duty delivery trucks, equipment, buses and military vehicles, it can be scaled up to 1200 hp. This radical power design, which is capable of more linear power with 100% torque at 0 rpm, shows beyond doubt that electric-powered vehicle is a practical, more efficient replacement for gas-powered ones.

source : 4wheelnews

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