/What are the best road trip routes for Electric Car drivers?

What are the best road trip routes for Electric Car drivers?

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According to new research from Compare The Market, electric vehicles have shot up in popularity in recent years, with more consumers seeking an eco-friendlier way of getting around. Luckily, there are many brilliant countries around the world that make travelling in electric cars convenient, providing numerous charging locations and stations to ensure you never run out of power on the road. These are some of the best road trip routes for EV users that don’t disappoint in terms of attractions and scenic vistas.

Bergen to Trondheim

The journey from Bergen to Trondheim in Norway is one of the most breath-taking in Europe and takes just under 11 hours to complete. The route itself covers a distance of 434 miles in total but it offers electric vehicle users 132 charging locations along the way, making it one of the best in Europe in terms of convenience. The actual trip only requires two charges for the average electric car, so you can spend more time admiring the views and stopping off at the highlights along the way which include Forde and Fossbergom.

Amsterdam to Maastricht

Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities for holiday-goers, but the road trip from Amsterdam to Maastricht shouldn’t be overlooked. This drive takes in the likes of Utrecht and Hertogenbosch and takes two hours 11 minutes to complete. Although the distance between the two locations is just 132 miles and only requires EV drivers to stop off once to recharge, they have plenty of options in terms of where along the route to call in. There are 250 charging locations along this route, making it a great road trip option for EV drivers.

Calgary to Vancouver

Calgary to Vancouver covers a distance of 604 miles and can be completed end to end in just under 10 hours 30 minutes. The stunning scenery that this route provides makes it the perfect road trip to embark on, particularly as an EV driver as there are 201 charging locations along the route. To complete this journey, the average electric vehicle will require three charges. Some of the highlights you won’t want to miss along the way include the Glacier National Park, Burnaby and Mount Temple.

Chicago to New Orleans

The route from Chicago to New Orleans may be the longest on this list at 13 hours 30 minutes, but it’s also one of the most spectacular. This American road trip requires four charges from start to finish, but there are 137 possible charging locations to choose from en route. Spanning a distance of 925 miles, the drive also takes in Memphis and Mississippi in addition to the two tourist favourites of Chicago and New Orleans.

Osaka to Tokyo

If you’re seeking an electric road trip in Japan, one of the best you can choose is Osaka to Tokyo which takes around six hours to complete. The distance between these two iconic locations is 307 miles and despite only requiring one charge, there is a staggering 250 possible charging locations to pick from to make the journey easier. The sights along the way make this a truly memorable road trip, including Kyoto, Kanagawa and Mount Asama.

Cape Town to Port Elizabeth

At just over eight hours of driving, the route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth in South Africa covers an impressive distance of 465 miles. Electric vehicle drivers will need to factor in two stops to recharge but there is a choice of ten charging locations, like Costimates, along this particular route. South Africa’s awe-inspiring scenery sets the backdrop to this EV road trip, including sights such as Mossel Bay, Knysna, Stormsriver, Jeffreys Bay and Swellendam.

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