/Rendering: 2012 Baby McLaren!

Rendering: 2012 Baby McLaren!

p11 2 at Rendering: 2012 Baby McLaren!

This is the latest speculation about McLaren’s upcoming so-called baby supercar which is a small mid-engine sporty, and yes it brings the Audi R8 to mind because it’s supposed to be its main rival. More than that they think they can take on Porsche with this car, and they being McLaren, They can! and some!

It’ll probably use the forthcoming P11 platform but comes in a more compact size and based on these renderings it looks like the P11 too. However if you don’t like it do not rush to diss it because the final product will certainly be good since it’s a job given to Frank Stephenson, ex-Ferrari designer and creator of 599 GTB. Like the P11 the baby Mc will be powered by an AMG engine, so no shortage in terms of performance. Being a compact car means that it is light as well, so a full carbon fiber structure is for sure. As for acceleration and top speed figures, you can expect it to match the competition, numbers like 4.5 seconds and 300+ kph.

So to challenge the Audi R8, Porsche 911 and Ferrari 430 (450 for the time it comes!), the baby McLaren should be priced accordingly. A price tag of around £80,000 sounds reasonable and since the world already awaits the P11, it’s too soon to expect this baby. Fingers crossed for 2012!

source: Autoexpress

p11 3 at Rendering: 2012 Baby McLaren!

p11 1 at Rendering: 2012 Baby McLaren!

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