/The cost of luxury motoring!

The cost of luxury motoring!

maybach 57s at The cost of luxury motoring!

All of us know that cars depreciate faster than they accelerate and all of us don’t care! And when it comes to luxury and sports cars we really don’t care because we buy those cars with our heart not the brain! However, under current economic circumstances numbers are getting so intimidating that you can’t take them for granted. The best example here is the Maybach, the king of luxury limousines which had sticker price of $490,000 for a 2008 62S model. Guess how much it worth in 2009? $180,000!! Rolls Royce Phantom does a bit better and goes down from $425,000 to $320,000, about a 100 grand gone! not bad really in comparison to Maybach. Even ordinary luxury sedans like BMW 7series or Mercedes S600 depreciate about 50% of their original value in the first year, so here’s a top tip : BUY A SECOND HAND LUXURY AND SAVE A LOT OF MONEY!

source : Motor Authority

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