/BMW 3-series GT is in the works

BMW 3-series GT is in the works

2013 bmw 3series gt at BMW 3 series GT is in the works

Following the 5-series GT, next 3-series BMW will also spawn a GT variant in 2013. According to BMW, these GT cars are spacious more practical versions of the sedans, giving you more headroom, legroom and more luggage space while the notch back style makes it easier to load. In short they are here to make your life easier. Great! but why in the world you can’t design something pretty?!

Honestly when your car looks so stupid you won’t care about the practicality or the quality of engineering, people judge a car based on the first impression they get from the way it looks and I don’t think anyone looks at these new GTs and say that’s a beauty! Unless they have a serious eye infection!

Anyway, back to the point. BMW recently posted a big loss in their profits so inevitably they have to save some money by cutting corners. So the term ‘ shared platform’ is going to be mentioned a lot with new BMW models. In this case, the 3-series, when the new one comes out in 2012 it will have literally no mechanical differences than the new 1-series. At the same time the engines have to be refined to meet the constantly tightening emission standards. Meanwhile the health and safety people make manufacturers to load their cars with new safety equipments! Life couldn’t get any harder!Actually it’s no wonder why they make ugly cars, there is never enough money left to be spent on proper designers so they have to stick to rubbish ones!

The work is also underway on a new SportKombi 1-series. In essence, it will be a mix of  a sedan, an estate and a sporty coupe all in one small city car which has much more space than the standard 1-series!  Below you can see the pictures and get a better understanding of what we’re on about! There are also renderings of the upcoming 5-series here which you have to say is going to be much better than the current model.

BMW is a cool badge and we all like to see them at the top, but please BMW please refine your styling!

new bmw 1series at BMW 3 series GT is in the works

2011 5-series

2011 series5 at BMW 3 series GT is in the works

2011 series5 1 at BMW 3 series GT is in the works

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