/Schumi to race in German Superbike Championship?!

Schumi to race in German Superbike Championship?!

schumi on bike at Schumi to race in German Superbike Championship?!

A year ago Michael Schumacher, world’s best known driver and Formula1 icon, had a go on the track with a Honda CBR superbike which didn’t go very well! He fell off the bike and even had a brief time in hospital. Now though rumor has it that he is bored with his peaceful job in Ferrari and wants to give superbiking another try by competing in German Championship!

According to the source, Willi Weber, Michael’s manager has told German newspaper “Bild” that he will start the season May 29 at Nurburgring!

Everybody knows that Michael Schumacher is the man of track and racing and at 39 he might be too old for Formula but is young enough to be in the business for another couple of years. GT and Le Mans series are good examples where Schumi could participate and satisfy his need for speed and thirst for wining, but apparently he went for the ultimate adrenaline rush, the Superbikes!

If it’s true, it’ll be great to see Schumi back,  but we’d rather see him on four wheels than two!

source: Go-F1 via caradisiac

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