/Aston Martin Cygnet city car concept

Aston Martin Cygnet city car concept

Aston Martin citycar Cygnet at Aston Martin Cygnet city car concept

Aston Martin surprised everyone by releasing a picture of their upcoming model which, oddly, is a tiny city car! Yes we too wonder what in the world possessed Aston to do this, but it is officially official and it’ll hit the market in 2010. Called the Cygnet, this supermini is based on Toyota iQ. What a way to go!

As you see Cygnet is only a clay model for the time being, so there is no technical details out yet. But based on what we know form Toyota iQ, it should be very clever, very green and very safe! It should also get the same three cylinder powertrain as its Japanese twin.

It definitely looks like an Aston Martin but it’s very weird somehow! It reminds me of Mini-Me character in the Austin Powers movies! You can’t really consider it as an alternative for the iQ, Smart and even Mini, because the whole point of supermini cars is affordability. While it’s ridiculous for an Aston to be cheap!

Even if you wanna pay a big lump of money for this posh city car, you might not be able to get one because according to the company it’s only available to the existing customers. It means you have to already own an Aston Martin to be able to buy the Cygnet! It’s a mini-car for Christ’s sake not a supercar!

So if you have an Aston Martin you might as well get one of these for your wife or girlfriend to match your cars. And she can roll in style too as she goes to the Gucci boutique across the street!

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