/Tuning: Ferrari F430 by ASI

Tuning: Ferrari F430 by ASI

ASI Ferrari F430 1 at Tuning: Ferrari F430 by ASI

Ferrari F430 is spending its last days, they have even planned a retirement party for it. Soon it’ll be replaced by a totally new model called F450 but 430 is still one helluva car! That’s why Japanese Tuner ASI has come up with a nice and discrete bodykit and some performance upgrades for it.

ASI kit includes revised bumpers with carbon fiber inserts plus side skirts and a big rear wing which is a bit unfortunate to be honest! As you know Ferrari F430 is so aerodynamically efficient and generates quit a lot of downforce without those ugly wings. ASI says that they have not messed with the car’s bang on aerodynamics, better than that their parts make the F430 about 27 kilos lighter! They also offer an ECU upgrade for $7500 which is a bit high ( in comparison you can chip a Peugeot 207 for $750!) other performance upgrades include a better exhaust system, bigger brake discs and 19 inch wheels. ASI can also install a set of SACHS racing suspension for you for $13000.

ASI Ferrari F430 2 at Tuning: Ferrari F430 by ASI

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