/Lamborghini Middle East sales down by 30 percent

Lamborghini Middle East sales down by 30 percent

Lamborghini middle east at Lamborghini Middle East sales down by 30 percent

Middle East and specifically Gulf countries have always been one of the major markets for Lamborghini. But as the waves of global economic downturn hit this wealthy region, like other parts of the world, sales of luxury goods started to decline. Lamborghini has felt that quit badly. This year their first-half profits was £4.6 million, in comparison, last year it was £29.8 million!!!

In 2008 they sold 2,430 cars worldwide which was a record for the company, but as of 2009 they’ve been on a constant fall. As for the middle east sales went down from 79 to 61 cars. An explanation for this could be the fact that under current economical circumstances, more Lamborghini buyers prefer to get a second hand model from local dealers instead of a brand new one, because it’ll be considerably cheaper and most of them are fresh as new and have barely even done 5,000 km!

via: ameinfo

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