/Self-driving Audi TT goes rallying!

Self-driving Audi TT goes rallying!

audi tt self driving at Self driving Audi TT goes rallying!

Sure you have seen self-driving cars before, but this one is different because while other driverless show cars are only demonstrated in empty secured skid pads, this Audi TT is going to tackle Pikes Peak rally on all its own! The car is the result of a research about the future of driving done by a group of eggheads from Stanford University in collaboration with VW.

It is already tested successfully at Bonneville Salt Flats, but Pikes Peak rally is helluva lot harder because, well for starters it has turns! Lots of violent turns and bumps and twists and rough surfaces. It is even hard to tackle the  stage on a video game with a virtual machine, let alone with a real car and let even more alone without being in the car!!!

But as shown in the video below, the makers of this car are pretty confident about their creation…

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