/Suzuki revealed green concepts for 2009 TMS

Suzuki revealed green concepts for 2009 TMS

Suzuki Swift Plug in Hybrid at Suzuki revealed green concepts for 2009 TMS

The Japanese car maker Suzuki does not want to miss the Green train of auto industry which is taking all of the companies into the less polluting future! So for the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show they are introducing two examples of their research on alternative power in form of two concept based on the Swift and the SX4.

The Swift Plug-in Hybrid is equipped with a super economical 660 cc engine which is coupled to a generator which charges the Li-ion batteries. The electric sources in this car is capable providing enough power for around 20 km only! But oyu can charge it every where in Japan through regular power sockets.

Suzuki SX4 FCV at Suzuki revealed green concepts for 2009 TMS

The SX4 on the other hand is a fuel cell car which means it has its own power generator on board. The fuel cells in this system are made by General Motors and Suzuki has provided them with a Hydrogen tank and the capacitor. The system also uses the otherwise wasted energy while the driver brakes.

Both of these cars are built on already in use models to prove that they can be used for every day life. However Suzuki still got a long way to become a major player in the green market.

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