/Bufori CS Sportscar from Malaysia

Bufori CS Sportscar from Malaysia

Bufori CS 1 at Bufori CS Sportscar from Malaysia

BUFORI Motor Car Company (BMCC) which is a Malaysian firm specializing in luxury vehicles released first renderings and details of their upcoming sports car, Bufori CS, which will hit the Malaysian market, and possibly overseas, next year. CS stands for “Compact Sports”, and that really sums it up introducing the car! It’s a lightweight 2-door coupe, composite body, and a kind of design that screams it’s Asian!

Power of Bufori CS comes from 2.0L turbo-charged engine but the company is reluctant to give any further details and wants to save them for the time of launch probably as a kind of surprise! Of course we shouldn’t under estimate Malaysians, their main car manufacturing firm Proton has a long-established relationship with British sportscar expert Lotus.

Also to prove that the car’s high-end performance and capabilities are so refined that will work flawlessly even under extreme conditions, a racing version of the Bufori CS is also in the works which will debut at 56th Macau Grand Prix on November 19.

“After two years of hard work in designing and developing our new sports car, the BUFORI CS, we are very proud that a racing version of our car has been developed and will have its first public appearance at such a prestigious event as the Macau Grand Prix. We could not have wished for a better occasion. Our intention is to transfer the racing technology to the road version of the BUFORI CS and bring in all the qualities for which BUFORI is renowned” says Felix Haller, General Manager Marketing & Operations of BMCC.

“BMS AXLE have followed a very tight working schedule, in under 10 weeks, to create this race car, and we are looking forward to being a part of this racing event and making history with BUFORI, the first Malaysian sportscar to run at the Macau GT Cup” says Joe Lim, the BMS Team Principal and Managing Director of Bufori Sales & Marketing (BSM), the global Distributor of Bufori vehicles. “This race marks the beginning of a new era for BUFORI. With the BUFORI CS, the company is expanding its portfolio to purist, modern styled sports cars, with the usual uncompromised BUFORI quality.” he adds.

Bufori CS 2 at Bufori CS Sportscar from Malaysia
Bufori CS 3 at Bufori CS Sportscar from Malaysia

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