/Rolls Royce Ghost to get hybrid power

Rolls Royce Ghost to get hybrid power

rolls royce ghost at Rolls Royce Ghost to get hybrid power

It’s a bit odd for a luxury car maker such as Rolls Royce to even care about environment and all that green nonsense mainly because efficiency is kinda against their philosophy, which is limitless luxury and exuberance. For the records, they kill like ten cows to make the leather upholstery for one Phantom! But don’t forget that they are under BMW care, and efficiency matters for them. Also it makes complete sense to make their cars a bit more clean and economical without much effort!

They don’t have to put in much effort because the hybrid power train which will be used in the Ghost is almost identical to the one in the BMW 7-series Active Hybrid, and that is relevant because the Ghost is built upn the 7-series platform!

And this being Rolls Royce they are not going to compromise on anything. That massive 6.6 liter V12 will be still there, but a small 27 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque electric motor that is fed by lithium-ion batteries, will be attached to it. But this small contribution will have a rather big impact on fuel economy as it gets bettered by almost 15 percent.

via: Autocar

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