/Ferrari working on hybrid 599 GTB

Ferrari working on hybrid 599 GTB

ferrari 599 hybrid at Ferrari working on hybrid 599 GTB

Even a few months ago, every time we heard about new hybrid sportscars we were like Ah! they gonna be horrible! because of our prejudices regarding hybrids. But as it turned out these sort of cars are actually more powerful than the regular versions (thanks to the added electric motor) while offering better efficiency, so what’s not to like?! It is a very appealing concept, that’s why even Ferrari is considering a new hybrid powertrain for its high-end GT, the 599.

It’s not official yet of course, but Ferrari management people have showed interest in this idea many times before. Now the rumor has it that during 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the Italian company will unveil a concept model featuring a V12-based hybrid powertrain.

Ferrari hybrid system consists of the standard 6.0 liter V12 engine and an electric motor installed on the rear axle and backed by lithium-ion batteries. But to get the most of it, engineers will also equip it with start/stop system and KERS (kinetic energy recovery system), a Formula1-derived technology which stores the otherwise wasted kinetic energy of braking and converts it to electricity.

Ferrari hybrid system is expected to return around 14 mpg, which is not brilliant, but it’s good for a car which normally does 8 mpg! Plus, it’ll lower the amount of CO2 emissions considerably, giving Ferrari a greener image.

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