/Audi A8 Hybrid comes to 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Audi A8 Hybrid comes to 2010 Geneva Motor Show

2011 Audi A8 3 at Audi A8 Hybrid comes to 2010 Geneva Motor Show

The new Audi A8 is making its world debut these days at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show, and maybe to stop everyone asking about its freakingly oversized grille and odd headlamps, Audi officials want to turn your attention to this year’s Geneva Motor Show, where they will reveal a full-on hybrid version of this car.

They have confirmed that the A8 Hybrid won’t like the ones you get today in the luxury segment, those with a tiny electric motor attached to a huge V8! They say that the car’s electric powertrain will be a proper one and it’ll even enable the car to run solely on electricity. Apparently they have modeled this on Toyota Prius’ hybrid system.

So to be brutally honest, Audi A8 Hybrid will be even uncooler than the regular models! It does not look fancy like a Mercedes S-class or sporty like a BMW 7-series, or majestic like a Jaguar XJ, and a hybrid badge on it won’t help it at all. It’ll make it more dull!

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