/Bugatti Secretly Developed 800-hp Electric Supercar

Bugatti Secretly Developed 800-hp Electric Supercar

buggati electric at Bugatti Secretly Developed 800 hp Electric Supercar

Auto Express reports regarding future cars usually turn out to be true, and this one is one of the most interesting ones that if come true, will be quite astonishing! According to AE, Bugatti and their parent company VW has secretly developed a working prototype of an electric supercar based on the Veyron that has an amazing 800 hp.

As you know Audi has already proved that it’s possible to create massively powerful all-electric supercars by putting a small one on each of the wheels. Chances are that Bugatti’s system is identical to the Audi’s, but the thing is that it might be never revealed to public. Which begs the question, why have they bothered with the whole thing?!

You might say it could be an engineering exercise, but even if so, it’ll pointless if they are not going to make an electric supercar, and Bugatti will never produce small EVs so they can use these experiences! We damn sure hope they make and put the car on sale, even though 800 hp is pathetic comparing to the Veyron’s mighty 1000!


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