/Rumors: VW Buys Giugiaro – VW Enters Formula 1

Rumors: VW Buys Giugiaro – VW Enters Formula 1

VW logo at Rumors: VW Buys Giugiaro   VW Enters Formula 1

When you are the world’s biggest car company and own many different brands from Skoda to Bugatti, you naturally want to conquer new frontiers and do things you have not done yet! Recently there are a lot of rumors flying around Volkswagen suggesting that they are expanding business even further by purchasing Italian design giant Giugiaro, and also entering Formula1.

Now the first one, VW buying Giugiaro, seems more likely to happen. Some even say that they will announce it officially next week. And that’s a good thing, because with VW money Italdesgin can work on ambitious projects, and also because previous collaborations between VW and Italian designers always resulted in brilliant cars.

But F1 business even for VW sounds like a tall order. After all, even if they have all the funds and resources they need, not VW nor none of their brands have any experience in the modern F1. But if some day they enter F1, they probably won’t be using VW badge on their cars. It’s more likely for them to appear on the grid as Porsche, or Audi. A VW-badged Formual1 car could be a bit of a giggle though!

Also as a side-note, VW is reportedly working on a 1,200 hp super Bugatti Veyron as a kinda swansong for this series. Stay tuned for more details, this is something to look forward to!

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