/2011 Audi A7 Sportback – Full Details, Pics and Video

2011 Audi A7 Sportback – Full Details, Pics and Video

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So here it is! The all-new A7 Sportback, one of the most anticipated models in the history of the brand is finally revealed. The A7 has a very unique design. It is supposed to be a four-door coupe like Mercedes CLS by which it’s inspired, but Audi has also added their own touches, like that fastback rear-end which makes it a five-door coupe. It is very elegant and classic, and it certainly does not look like anything else on the road today!

OK, the front of the car might be a bit too ordinary, but from there backwards it’s gone berserk. The car is 4.97 meters (16.31 ft) long and 1.91 meters (6.27 ft) wide, but only 1.42 meters (4.66 ft) high, to look coupe-ish! It inherits a number of styling cues from other Audis, such as the front-grille and the signature LED headlights, but it also has its own unique features such as the speed-dependent rear spoiler. Also, the smallest wheel size for this car is 18-inch and you can go up to 20-inch! That’s very cool.

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Audi, being German, also wanted to make the A7 as practical as possible. So while the rear passengers might suffer from limited headroom, they get a boot which is 535-liter (18.89 cu ft) large with rear seats up, expandable to 1,390 liters (49.09 cu ft) with them folded down.

The car has a spaceframe obviously and the body is made mostly from aluminum for the sake of lightness. Also based on the suspension setting, the A7 seems to be tuned to be more of a long-distance cruiser than a stiffened up sporty sedan. Audi promises low noise, low vibrations and perfect vibrational comfort.

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At launch Audi A7 will be available with four V6 engines, with two petrol and two diesel units, with power ranging from 150 kW (204 hp) to 220 kW (300 hp). As for the transmission, you can either get the Mulitronic or the seven-speed S-tronic with Quattro system.

The petrol engines include a 2.8 FSI with 150 kW (204 hp) and 280 Nm (206.52 lb-ft) of torque at 5,250 rpm. The torque is available from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm. Audi pairs this engine with the S tronic transmission and quattro all-wheel drive. The Audi A7 Sportback 2.8 FSI quattro sprints from zero to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 8.3 seconds and has a top speed of 235 km/h (146.02 mph). It consumes just 8.0 liters of fuel per 100 km (29.40 US mpg) on average, which corresponds to only 187 grams of CO2/km (300.95 g/mile).

The other is a 3.0 TFSI, a supercharger compresses the intake air for improved efficiency and performance. The three-liter V6 produces 220 kW (300 hp) between 5,250 and 6,500 rpm, and delivers 440 Nm (324.53 lb-ft) of torque between 2,900 and 4,500 rpm. The supercharged engine, which in Europe is mated to the S tronic and the quattro powertrain, gives the five-door coupe the performance of a sports car. The standard sprint takes just 5.6 seconds, and top speed is limited to 250 km/h (155.34 mph). Standard fuel consumption is just 8.2 liters per 100 km (28.68 US mpg), corresponding to 190 grams CO2 per km (305.78 g/mile).

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As for the diesels, there are two versions of a 3.0 TDI engine. The more powerful version of the big diesel, which has been completely redesigned, produces 180 kW (245 hp) between 4,000 and 4,500 rpm and 500 Nm (368.78 lb-ft) of torque between 1,400 and 3,250 rpm. The S tronic and quattro all-wheel drive are also standard here. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) takes 6.5 seconds and top speed is limited to 250 km/h (155.34 mph). Efficiency is impressive: just 6.0 liters of fuel per 100 km (39.20 US mpg) on average, which corresponds to only 158 grams of CO2/km (254.28 g/mile).

The second version of the 3.0 TDI, which will follow somewhat later, does even better in this discipline. It produces 150 kW (204 hp) between 3,750 and 4,500 rpm. With front-wheel drive and the stepless multitronic automatic transmission, it really flaunts its efficiency: 139 grams CO2 per km (223.70 g/mile) and an average fuel consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 km (44.38 US mpg) are groundbreaking figures. With the new Efficiency TDI, the front-wheel drive Audi A7 Sportback accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 8.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of 234 km/h (145.40 mph).

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The Audi A7 Sportback comes standard with a comfortable steel-spring suspension. An optional sport suspension with a 10-millimeter lower ride height is also available, and quattro GmbH offers an even tauter sport suspension. Audi also offers an optional air suspension with four electronically controlled shock absorbers. The adaptive air suspension has been redesigned, with struts up front and separate air springs and dampers in the back. The system sets the ride height of the body to one of three different levels as a function of speed and the wishes of the driver. It lowers the body on the highway for improved stability and lower fuel consumption.

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Another high-end feature in the Audi A7 Sportback is the Audi drive select driving dynamics system. The standard version incorporates the automatic transmission, the electromechanical power steering and the engine control unit. The driver can vary the function of these components between the four modes “comfort,” “auto,” “dynamic” and “individual.” Additional modules can also be integrated, including the adaptive air suspension, quattro with sport differential and adaptive light.

The Audi A7 Sportback is equipped with a powerful brake system. All discs are internally ventilated. The five-door coupe rolls on large, 18-inch alloy wheels; the 255/45 tires are equipped with a pressure monitor. 19-inch and 20-inch wheels are also available. The 20-inch wheels are available with a chrome finish, in two colors or partly or fully polished. All tires have been optimized for rolling resistance, with run-flat versions available as an option.

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Since the A7 belongs to luxury segment and has a starting price of 51,650 Euros, you expect it to be loaded with features, and indeed it is.

The list of standard features comprises deluxe automatic air conditioning system, keyless ignition via the engine start-stop button, the four-spoke leather multifunction steering wheel, the xenon headlights, the LED tail lights, the MMI radio with the 6.5-inch monitor, the electromechanical parking brake, the power rear hatch, the 18-inch alloy wheels and an acoustic windshield. The safety package leaves nothing to be desired, with two front, side and head airbags, four belt tensioners and the integral head restraint system.

A wide range of optional equipment is available for even greater comfort and convenience. These include the head-up display, a park assist system, a speed limit display, a four-zone automatic air conditioning system, an auxiliary heating system, insulating/acoustic glazing, a heated steering wheel rim, a power-adjustable steering column, sunblinds for the rear window, two ambient lighting packages, power-assisted closing for the doors, a garage door opener and the convenience key for keyless vehicle access. The choice of seats is also first-class – from power-adjustable comfort seats with heating, cooling and massage to sport seats. A storage package keeps things tidy.

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The car also features some new and really amazing technologies such as Head Up Display or an advanced version of Audi’s MMI system incorporating Google services! A UMTS module delivers images and information from Google Earth to the monitor and combines them with the navigation route. A WLAN hotspot is used to connect mobile devices. Further to the Bose sound system, the top-of-the-line option is the Advanced Sound System from Bang & Olufsen featuring 1,300 watts of power and 15 speakers.

The top navigation system works closely together with the many optional driver assistance and safety systems in the Audi A7 Sportback. It forwards the route data to the control units for the headlights, the automatic transmission and the adaptive cruise control with stop & go function, enabling these systems to recognize complex scenarios. In many cases, the Audi pre sense safety system can reduce the severity of accidents and their consequences. The new Audi active lane assist helps the driver to keep the Audi A7 Sportback firmly on course, and the new park assist system relieves the driver of the chore of steering when parallel parking.

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It also comes with top-notch stereos for perfect in-car entertainment, from the Bose sound system to the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System with 1,300 watts of power. Its 15 speakers, which include two acoustic lenses that extend from the instrument panel when the system is switched on, have elegant aluminum housings. The amplifiers for the woofers are particularly energy-efficient.

Except for MMI navigation plus, all MMI versions uses a 6.5-inch monitor. An 8-inch monitor is included in combination with MMI touch. The system integrates a large hard drive that can also be used to store music and files, convenient voice control and a Bluetooth interface. Its high-resolution 8-inch monitor displays map images and many points of interest in three dimensions.

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Audi offers a wide range of the latest-generation driver assistance systems. They are tightly networked with one another and other systems in the vehicle, making them extremely capable and versatile. The respective control units are connected via the fast and modern FlexRay bus system, allowing the driver assistance and chassis systems to be precisely controlled.

The heart of the driver assistance systems is the new adaptive cruise control with stop & go function (ACC). It uses the data from four radar sensors, a video camera and the ultrasonic sensors, incorporates navigation data and analyzes a multitude of additional signals, from the activity of the turn signals to the steering angle to trailer detection. Its functions range from automatic stop & go in rush-hour traffic to the electronic monitoring of high-speed highway driving at speeds of up to 250 km/h (155.34 mph). The driver uses the MMI system to determine how the vehicle should behave in ACC mode. The choices are “dynamic” – powerful acceleration when the roads are clear, spontaneous and direct when following traffic; “standard” – balanced in all situations; or relaxed and fuel-efficient cruising in “comfort” mode.

Another high-end system is Audi side assist, which from speeds of 30 km/h (18.64 mph) upwards warns the driver of critical situations when changing lanes. It uses radar to monitor the space behind the Audi A7 Sportback. The speed limit display detects important traffic signs and their supplemental signs with a camera and shows them in the instrument cluster display or in the optional head-up display. The night vision assistant uses a thermal imaging camera and highlights persons that it detects in front of the vehicle. It projects its black-and-white images onto the instrument cluster display. If it detects a potentially hazardous situation, it marks the person red and optionally displays a warning symbol in the head-up display. Consult with https://www.mecanicacorp.com/ if you need thorough analysis and inspection of your car.

The Audi pre sense safety system is available in a number of different versions in the Audi A7 Sportback. It uses the highly networked systems on board and initiates preventive measures in the event of an imminent collision. In the version Audi pre sense basic, the system reacts when it detects an instable driving situation. The front seatbelts are electrically tensioned; the sunroof and the side windows are closed, leaving just a small gap; and the traffic behind is warned.

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Audi offers eleven elegant paint finishes for the Audi A7 Sportback. The two solid colors are called Ibis White and Brilliant Black. The six metallic colors are Ice Silver, Quartz Gray, Oolong Gray, Moonlight Blue, Havanna Black and Dakota Gray. Rounding out the palette are the three pearl-effect finishes Phantom Black, Garnet Red and Impala Beige.

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So as you see the new Audi A7 is a brilliant car as far as technicality, quality and efficiency matter. So you just have to convince yourself that you like the way it looks! Make no mistake it’s fabulous, comparing to other Audi sedans it’s very exciting and elegant. But is it as good as the CLS? It’s a matter of taste really, we adore the Audi for everything it has to offer, but for us the CLS always remain the first choice. If anything, the CLS is the inventor of this segment.

Audi is scheduled to begin delivering the Audi A7 Sportback this fall. Prices start at €51,650.

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