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Citroen DS3 R3 Rally Car

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Citroen Racing, confident of their numerous WRC wins, revealed a new rally car based on the DS3. Called the Citroen DS3 R3, it’s developed based on the FIA’s new Group R3T, and is going to be an affordable yet high performance competitor, just like the old C2. They will sell it both as a kit and ready-to-race versions.

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The DS3 R3 is powered by a four-cylinder 1.6-litre THP high-pressure turbo engine which has received a racing treatment with high performance parts such as air box, camshaft, pistons, connecting rods, exhaust and turbo systems, and electronic unit to develop 210 hp and a big 350Nm of peak torque.

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Like the C4, this car comes with a six-speed semi-automatic sequential gearbox and specially tuned chassis and suspension. n order to adapt its road handling to all driving styles, DS3 R3 offers a variety of setup options: three track shock absorbers (low and high-speed compression and rebound, adjustable hydraulic bump stop), camber and toe (front and rear), track width and castor (front).

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(Marketed by Citroën Racing for assembly on a DS3 THP 150)


– Racing engine, assembled and bench-tested, ready to be mounted

– Gearbox, assembled and bench-tested, ready to be mounted

– Reinforced body shell, with roll-cage and seat attachment brackets and accessories (handbrake, ECUs, spare wheel, mounting brackets)

– Reinforced engine sub-frame

– Protective skidplate for engine and exhaust

– Adjustable front and rear suspension elements

– Reinforced hub carriers

– Adjustable specific front suspension wishbones

– Maximum size front and rear brake discs

– Front and rear specific brake callipers

– Reinforced rear axle

– Set of rear axle geometry adjustment shims

– Direct power-steering rack

– Specific braking system

– Specific ‘pedal box’ assembly

– Tarmac 7×17’’ wheels

– Fuel system with FIA-homologated tank

– Specific engine and gearbox cooling system

– Air/high-capacity air exchanger and specific booster circuit

– Aviation type electrical system with digital instrument panel display

– Data acquisition system built into the injection unit

– Roof-mounted air intake

– Glossy dashboard strip

– Specific wheel arch protections

– Front and rear tow straps

– Spare wheel straps


– Gravel rallying adaptation kit, including shock absorbers, springs, anti-roll bar, front brake discs, 6×15’’ gravel wheels and bodywork protective covers

– Short or long torque settings

– Co-driver footrest

– Citroën Racing rear-view mirrors

– FIA-homologated crash panel doors

– Xenon headlamp assembly

– 64MB data acquisition unit upgrade

– Specific mapping for racing fuel

– Tool kit, including: wheel hub fitting tool, brake fluid bleed device, steering rack shim

– Springs of varying levels of stiffness

– Anti-roll bar of varying diameters

– Standard bodywork spare parts kit


– Seats

– Harness

– Fire extinguishers

– Battery

– Spare wheel

– Jack and tyre-changing accessories

– Radio equipment and on-board computer

– FIA-approved anti-shatter protective film

– Tyres



Structure Reinforced body with welded, multi-point roll cage

Bodywork DS3 THP 150 with specific roof-mounted air intake and rear-view mirrors


Type 1.6 THP PSA

Bore x stroke 77×85.8 mm

Capacity 1,598cc

Maximum power 210bhp at 4,750rpm

Maximum torque 35Nm at 3,000rpm

Specific output 131.4bhp/litre

Distribution Double overhead camshaft valve train

Breaker arm with adapted cam profile

Specific pistons, connecting rods, engine flywheel and camshaft

Fuel feed Direct injection

Motorized single throttle valve


Type Thrust mechanism

184mm cerametallic twin-disk


Type Front-wheel drive

Gearbox Six-speed sequential

Control Electronically controlled with steering wheel-mounted paddle

Differential Self-locking type ZF differential


Front Ventilated disks, 330x30mm (tarmac) and 300x30mm (gravel)

4-piston callipers

Rear 300x8mm discs

2-piston callipers

Distribution Adjustable

Handbrake Hydraulic control


Front McPherson type

Specific hinges and hub carriers

Rear H-shaped axles

Shock absorbers BOS three-track adjustable shock absorbers (low-and high-speed compression and rebound)

Adjustable hydraulic bump stop


Type Hydraulic power-assisted steering


Tarmac 7×17’’ wheels

BFGoodrich 200/50/R17 tyres

Gravel 6×15’’ wheels

BFGoodrich 195/70/R15 tyres


Length 3,948mm

Width 1,715mm

Wheel base 2,465mm

Track 1,520mm (front) – 1,490mm (rear)

Fuel tank 67 litres

Weight 1,230kg with driver pairing (regulations)

Weight distribution 64/36% (front/rear)

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