/Audi R8 RS In The Works?

Audi R8 RS In The Works?

2011 audi r8 gt 5 at Audi R8 RS In The Works?

As if the 560 hp Audi R8 GT was not enough, some reports are suggesting that the German auto maker is developing an even hotter version allegedly called the RS. Even if it’s true, do not expect to see an all-new version as it will be like the GT only lighter, more powerful and indeed faster. Basically the RS will be a track-focused version of the R8.

That we don’t like! Because if you remember, what makes the R8 so great is its usability and comfort. It is one of the easiest supercars to live with. And if they wanted to make a tarted up version for those who want to trade convenience for a bit more speed, then they would have made the GT as tough as possible. The RS sounds kinda pointless.

What makes it more pointless is the price. The R8 GT costs 193,000 Euros, so by imagine the R8 RS will cost greater, even though it comes with the same 5.2 liter V10, with a slight power bump to 600 hp.

The word is that Audi is going to apply the same recipe that Lamborghini used to create the Gallardo Balboni. That is ditching most of the luxury goods in order to save as much weight as possible and using rear-wheel-drive instead of the Quattro. If only they give it a stripe, then it’d be perfect!

via: AutoExpress

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