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Nation-E Electric Hummer H1

Electric Hummer H1 Nation e at Nation E Electric Hummer H1

Nation-E has plans to ruin one of the manliest cars of all time by making it…, well just at the picture above! It’s a plan to turn the Hummer H1 into a full electric car, and that’s fine. But this paintjob and those wings, and worst of all that name, the Angel H1, they’re just wrong! According to Nation-E, the green Humvee will get a 60kW electric motor. Now I’m not an electrician, but 60 does not seem to be enough given the enormous size of the car! What’s the top speed gonna be like! 4 miles an hour?!

To be honest it does not make sense to me at all! But here’s the press release, read it and see if it does to you:

Nation-E is set to revolutionize the complete automotive market, adding its newest addition, the full electric Hummer H1 to the Angel Car portfolio of mobile charging solutions for electric vehicles that are stranded on the road.

The fully electrified AngelH1 is equipped with a 60 kW battery, and provides electricity not only to stranded vehicles, but to complete buildings, hospitals, construction sites, and units that urgently require electricity.

Especially areas that are hit by extraordinary circumstances like earthquakes or tornadoes, electricity blackouts and other crisis events traditionally suffer from electricity shortages for days. With the full electric AngelH1, previously inaccessible territories become accessible and emergency units can fully function using the mobile energy supply of the AngelH1.

These vehicles due to their ability to access remote areas find an extensive application within the mining industry, as well as construction sites off grid. Moreover, the AngelH1 is an energy carrier for satellites and other communication devices, providing an extensive range of energy for transmission of content. The AngelH1 is fully electrified, completely free of emissions, and has a customizable range.

Nation-E is currently trying to partner with as many countries as possible. The focus is on all countries with growing e-mobility, including European countries like Germany, Italy, Finland, as well as Israel and USA.

Furthermore, Nation-E is looking to exhibit between the 19 – 21 October 2010 at the E-Car-Tec exhibition in Munich, Germany. It will be showcasing its revolutionary Angel Cars, as well as the first ever zero-emissions concert. With a 40 kW Battery, Nation-E will power the stage for DJ Julia Siegel, daughter of the famous song writer Ralph Siegel (who wrote the songs for Eurovision) for three full concert hours. The performance will take place completely off grid, using solely the electricity provided by Nation-E’s scalable energy storage solutions.

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