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Superchips Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI

superchips fiesta at Superchips Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI

This time Superchips, British tuner specializing in engine electronics, has gone for one of the most popular small cars in UK. They’ve tweaked the Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI with a remap that gives it an extra 23 bhp and 36 Nm of torque.

The extra umpf is the same for both 88 hp version – earlier models – or the 95 hp models – revised 2010 version – resulting in a sharper, more fulfilling and rewarding drive, with power gains right through the engine’s operating range.

This is actually quite brilliant because you get the sane sort of performance as the flagship Zetec models, but with the fuel efficiency of a turbodiesel engine. If anything, this kit even makes the car more efficient since it gives you more low rpm torque which means smoother acceleration and overtake.

Critically, at a time of record diesel prices in the UK, despite the marked performance increase, the Fiesta’s much praised fuel efficiency remains unaffected by the Superchips ECU remap. In fact, in most instances consumption improves due to the extra low rev torque available to the driver. Independent testing of Superchips ECU remapping on turbo diesel vehicles has proven that this is typically in the order of 7-8%, resulting in attractive cost benefits for higher mileage drivers or fleet users.

Pricing for this fie kit is just £399 including installation and VAT. So here’s a cool and very affordable way of gaining a few more horsepower.

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