/Video: Jay Leno Tries The Real Car Simulator!

Video: Jay Leno Tries The Real Car Simulator!

This is possibly the coolest thing you will see. This week at least! At first it appears to be a very fancy car simulator. Snore, they’ve gone out fashioned. This one though is a little different than those you have seen before. In fact it doesn’t simulate the car as such, but it creates virtual world of racetracks and city streets that you can drive in, and here’s the kicker, with your own car! That’s a brilliant idea. They’ve took it from the land Down Under to America so Jay Leno can have a go in it. Of course that means we get a nice demo video to watch.

As the makers of this thing, TAG Systems, say: “All of the car’s components are in full operation including the engine, transmission, accelerator, steering, brakes and cabin controls. Various models are available to suit every need from driver training through to entertainment.”

The only drawback is that you burn fuel but don’t actually anywhere!

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