/Video: Google Auto-Driving Car Handling Demo

Video: Google Auto-Driving Car Handling Demo

When Google announced they’re working on autonomous vehicles a year ago no body thought they get around making it for at least next ten years. But it’s Google we’re talking about, so guess what! They’re already testing the driver-less cars in streets. Recently at the TED 2011 conference in Long Beach they set up a closed course to show their auto-driving car can also drive fast and handle well. Judging from this footage you have to say they’re right. Those things can win a race all on their own!

Now car and driving enthusiasts might rightfully hate the idea of self-driving cars, but if you think about it, auto-driving cars are actually a good idea to get rid of those useless drivers who make the life a misery for other drivers. Some people just have no interest in driving and therefore they’re no good at it. With such cars as Google auto-driving machines they can just sit back and enjoy the ride, other road users are safe from their mistakes and stupid behavior, everybody’s happy!

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