/Electric Aston Martin Cygnet Due In 2013

Electric Aston Martin Cygnet Due In 2013

Aston Martin Cygnet at Electric Aston Martin Cygnet Due In 2013

As if the Cygent itself wasn’t enough of a downer, Aston Martin is reportedly working on an electric version of it for 2013 launch.

Not that EVs are bad or anything, but Aston Martins have always been big, lustrous, powerful, gas guzzling cars. An Aston which is based on a Japanese eco box and is powered by a dismal electric motor is completely in front with everything the British brands stands for. But they are under constant pressure to bring their average CO2 emissions low.

Since the Cygnet is based on the Toyota iQ, the Cygnet EV too will be powered by the same system that will be used for the electric Toyota iQ of 2012. Mercifully though, Aston’s electric programs will be limited to the Cygent at least in the near future. AML’s boss Ulrich Bez has no plans for electric-powered sportscars. He also dislikes hybrids and is totally against stuff like KERS as well. Good man!

More info: CARmagazine

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