/Electric Land Rover Defender By Axeon

Electric Land Rover Defender By Axeon

electric Land Rover Defender 1 at Electric Land Rover Defender By Axeon

Axeon and Jaguar Land Rover South Africa has made a concept electric version of the Land Rover Defender Safari. The idea is to use it in game parks, minimising both environmental and noise pollution.

You wouldn’t wan to use an electric safari car in the wildlife, because off the road it would be out of charge even quicker than on the road and you have no plug available to charge it, so you would be eaten by lions or bears!

The car’s not much cope on the road either with a range of just 80 km and output of nearly 80 PS. So as a car for the real world, it wouldn’t work. But as something for game parks or the zoo maybe, it’s quite good. Another advantage of the car according to LR is that it can get closer to animals within the game park due to its much quieter operation.

The batteries that power this Safari car are located under the bonnet, in place of the car’s standard 2.4 liter diesel engine. The bespoke battery system also incorporates Axeon’s proprietary Battery Management System (BMS), which monitors the battery state, measuring and controlling key operational parameters, thus ensuring safety – particularly important for an electric vehicle that may encounter harsh conditions.

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