/Lamborghini To Ditch Manual Transmission

Lamborghini To Ditch Manual Transmission

Lamborghini Murcielago at Lamborghini To Ditch Manual Transmission

Automobili Lamborghini confirmed manual transmission has no place in the company’s future.

And it’s not because customers show no interest in cars with stick. Lamborghini is ditching manual because they don’t want you ruining performance of their cars with bad gear changes! They say the only way to get the best performance out of the engine and sophisticated drivetrain is by using a computer-controlled system.

This is what Maurizio Reggiani, head of Lamborghini R&D, has told Motor trend: “A manual transmission is a break in the electronic chain of command that harmonises absolutely everything that happens between engine combustion chamber and tyre contact patch. The only way Lamborghini can guarantee soothing smoothness in city driving or back-thumpingly explosive acceleration on a winding road is for every system in the car to be interconnected. You can’t rely on a driver to always shift gears without glitches.

The current Gallardo is the last Lamborghini to be offered with manual transmission. Its replacement, allegedly called the Cabrera, will only be available with an automated manual operated via paddle shifters, just like the Aventador.

More and more sportscar makers are moving in this direction. We can’t remember when was the last time we got an AMG Mercedes with manual ‘box, all new Ferraris have paddle shifters, even Pagani is not using a manual anymore.

But don’t despair if you like old school high performance machines, because BMW is going to offer a version of the new M5 with a proper manual gearbox.

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