/2011 IAA: Fisker Surf

2011 IAA: Fisker Surf

Fisker Surf 1 at 2011 IAA: Fisker Surf

Among the most important debuts today at IAA was this, Fisker Surf Concept, the shooting brake version of Fisker Karma.

There is nothing to say the Surf’s design, since it’s the same as Karma, apart form the rear compartment. Henrik Fisker believes this is the most elegant station wagon ever created, but that’s arguable.

The surf has a few unique features though, that give it a unique character, such as the new three-dimensional honeycomb pattern grille, or the solar roof panel. The optional solar panel not only captures sunlight to power the car, it is actually see-through, with a dark-tint translucence that adds to the sense of openness inside the car, specifically in the rear seats. Standard is a tinted-glass panoramic roof panel that tilts open at the back for added ventilation.

It also gets specially designed roof rails to suit the style of the car. After all, this design is the most lavish green car around and they didn’t want to ruin it for the sake of practicality.

The beautiful and superbly crafted interior now has a luggage area inside it, which is divided into three functional regions, starting with the trunk space at the rear, for large items such as golf bags and suitcases. Set off forward of that is a raised shelf designers refer to as “the podium,” to handily accommodate smaller objects and give useful function to an area constrained by the presence of the electric powertrain’s large invertors under the floor.

The powertain is the same as Karma, consisting of a 175kW generator/260 hp turbocharged and direct-fuel-injected gasoline engine. Two driving modes, Sport and Stealth, are available to the driver at all times:

In Sport mode, full power is available and the driver can command the unmatched 981 lb-ft (1,330 Nm) of torque to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5.9 seconds, and achieve an electronically limited top speed of 125 mph (201 kmh).In the default Stealth mode, calibrated for efficiency, the Surf uses only battery power and accelerates from 0-60 in 7.9 seconds. Top speed is 95 mph (153 kmh). Under normal driving conditions, battery power alone will drive the Surf about 50 miles (80 km). After that the gasoline engine/generator and 9.5-gal (36 l) fuel tank provide another 250 miles of range for a total of 300 miles (483 km).

Fisker Surf 2 at 2011 IAA: Fisker Surf
Fisker Surf 3 at 2011 IAA: Fisker Surf
Fisker Surf 4 at 2011 IAA: Fisker Surf
Fisker Surf 5 at 2011 IAA: Fisker Surf
Fisker Surf 6 at 2011 IAA: Fisker Surf
Fisker Surf 7 at 2011 IAA: Fisker Surf

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