/Aston Martin Not Satisfied With Cygnet Sales

Aston Martin Not Satisfied With Cygnet Sales

cygent sales at Aston Martin Not Satisfied With Cygnet Sales

So Aston Martin is struggling with Cygent sales. But that’s not because no body wants this overpriced small car. On the contrary, demand is higher than supply.

Well, at least according to Aston Martin Boss Ulrich Bez it is so. He says the Cygent is a luxury item, like a designer handbag or a watch. People see it in the shops, specially as Aston has a shop that sells Cygents at Harrods, they want it and they get it. They don’t like to wait for it.

And that’s where the problem is. Aston does not have enough Cygnet in stock to meet the demand. And that apparently put the customers off.

Despite this Aston is going to open a new Cygent shop in Parks Lane in London, and also introduce their first electric car base don it. That of course happens when Toyota come up with the electric iQ.

via: Autocar

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