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Caterham Promises New Models

caterham new at Caterham Promises New Models

Caterham is forever associated with the Seven. But it’s all about to change, as they announced a new division, Caterham Technology and Innovation Limited (CTI).

This is a standalone engineering business responsible for the development of a completely new line of accessible and affordable sportscars, says Caterham. Now that they are part of Lotus, Team Lotus F1 to be more precise, they have enough fund and workforce to do so.

The new models are said to be inspired by the lightweight, minimalist philosophy of the Seven, and developed using advanced technologies and materials from the Group’s Team Lotus Formula and Catrham GP2 racing teams.

Personally, we would like to see a new Caterham which is as fast as the Seven, but has more amenities, a bit more comfortable, and with a proper design. You know the Seven looks too geeky, and therefore embarrassing to be seen in!

“The new shareholders are committed to investing in an exciting range of global products over the next 10 years,” says Mark Edwards, CTI’s Chief Executive. “Tony Fernandes has been very clear from the start that Caterham needed a sustainable research and development business model in order to meet the plans the management have for the road car business.

“By establishing unique operating principles for CTI, we have managed to attract a world-class team of niche vehicle engineers eager to build on the ethos of Caterham and the DNA of the Seven.”

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